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    FLYER-MONICAMicrodermabrasion, also known as microderm, is one of the easiest, safest and most effective anti-aging treatments you can get. It has many benefits! Microderm softens fine lines and wrinkles, helps to smooth coarsely textured skin, decreases the appearance of shallow scars, decreases pore size, and reduces superficial hyper-pigmentation, also known as age spots. Microdermabrasion also makes it easier for high-tech serums and skin care products to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. That helps build collagen, which gives skin its plump, youthful appearance.

    The Changing Technology of Microdermabrasion

    Professional microdermabrasion is usually done in a day spa, medical spa or specialized skin care studio. Microdermabrasion is essentially mechanical exfoliation that takes place with the help of a machine. The outermost layer of dead skin cells is removed from the face, chest and hands by physical means — not a chemical peel.

    There are two types of microdermabrasion: the original crystal microdermabrasion technology or the newer diamond-tip microdermabrasion.

    The original microdermabrasion technology, which has been around since the ’80s, is called crystal microdermabrasion. It uses a wand to spray and then vacuum up aluminum oxide crystals, also known as corundum, the second hardest mineral after diamonds. Crystal microdermabrasion might also appear on a spa menu as particle resurfacing, power peel, derma-peel or Parisian peel. It can sting a little bit, and leaves a little residue of crystals on the skin. It’s important to wear eye covers when you get a crystal microderm treatment.

    The newer diamond-tip microdermabrasion has been growing in popularity because it achieves the same results with less discomfort and without the crystal residue at the end of the treatment. The esthetician uses a variety of diamond tips, from coarse to fine, depending on how thick or delicate the skin is. The diamonds are the hardest mineral, and exfoliate the skin as the esthetician passes the wand over the face several times. Suction in the middle of the wand pulls the dead skin cells off the face. Because there are no loose crystals, you don’t have to wear plastic eye covers.

    Which is better? Crystal microderm or diamond tip microderm? It’s really a matter of personal preference — and which machine your spa has. Most spas are buying diamond tip machines now, but may still have the crystal microderm machines. Some women prefer the more aggressive feel of the crystal microderm machines because they can tell something is “happening.”

    The latest technology to hit the market is the HydraFacial, which uses water to deeply exfoliate the skin, perform extractions, then infuse the skin with serums.

    The Benefits of Microdermabrasion

    Microdermabrasion can achieve dramatic results, but it is highly dependent on the skill of the esthetician. In general, it’s best if you get it from an esthetician you already know and trust. For the best results, it is generally recommended get a series of treatments. Your esthetician should be able to recommend the number that is appropriate for your skin type and condition. A typical protocal is six treatments about 10 to 14 days apart.

    Because the machine can be adjusted depending on skin type and condition, even people with sensitive skin can get a treatment from a skilled esthetician. Doctors with medical spas can own more powerful machines, but more is not always better with microderm.

    The price for a single microdermabrasion treatment usually ranges from $100 – $150. With a series of six, you sometimes get one free. It takes about 30 minutes and there’s no down-time for the skin to recover. That’s why it’s also sometimes called a “lunchtime peel.”

    It is important to realize that you have taken off the outermost layer of the skin, which is also its protection, so this is not the time to go to the beach. Be careful with your skin a few days after the microdermabrasion treatment: don’t do vigorous exercise and don’t expose your skin to the sun. Wear a gentle physical sunscreen, even if its a cloudy day.

    Don’t expect to get the same results with a home microdermabrasion kit, which works more like a scrub. In fact, you can easily overdo it and irritate your skin.

    How Microdermabrasion Works

    The crystal microdermabrasion device consists of a compressor that draws in air through a hand-held wand. When the wand touches the skin, a vacuum is created. Aluminum oxide crystals, also known as corundum (the second-hardest mineral next to diamonds) blast across the skin’s surface, picking up dead surface skin cells along the way. The crystals and dead skin cells are quickly sucked up through a different tube in the same wand and go to a disposal bag.

    The depth of exfoliation is controlled by the strength of the vacuum and crystal flow, which is determined by esthetician. He or she makes two passes over your skin, sometimes a third if your skin is thick enough or if there is an area that needs special attention, like a scar or brown spot.

    Crystal microdermabrasion can be uncomfortable, especially around the sensitive tissue of the mouth and nose, but it should not be painful. The esthetician should be checking in with you about your comfort level during the treatment. If anything hurts, speak up.The esthetician, who should be wearing gloves, a mask and eye protection, also leaves traces of the crystal on your face, which might be red afterwards. Your eyes should also be protected.

    Diamond-tip microdermabrasion uses the same vacuum technology and hand-held wand, but there aren’t any crystals moving through the tip. The diamond tip itself exfoliates the skin and the vacuum whisks the dead skin away. There are many different tips with various grades of roughness, and the esthetician choose the correct one for your skin type and condition.

    Diamond-tip microdermabrasion is much less uncomfortable, but achieves the same results. It is also usually better for sensitive skin.

    Cautions on Microdermabrasion

    *Check on the training of the person who is going to give you the microdermabrasion treatment. Results depend on their expertise. Bad technique can lead to abrasions and pin-point bleeding that means the treatment was too aggressively.

    *Do not get microdermabrasion if you have extremely sensitive skin, diabetes, vascular conditions like rosacea, skin inflammation, bacterial infections, lack of tactile sensation, keloid scarring, cuts and abrasions, or have gotten Botox within 72 hours. Other contraindications to microdermabrasion include sunburn, viral infections like herpes simplex, and acne. If you are taking anti-coagulant drugs.

    *Apply sunscreen and stay out of the sun after your treatment. Along with the dead skin cells, you have removed some of your protection. book

  • Super Blond at Monica Hair Studio


    March 2015 – Blond color done by Monica at MONICA HAIR STUDIO. Phone: 954-457-6665(Hallandale/FL)

    Model:Julia Grachova
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  • Red Color


    March,2015 – Red color done by Monica at MONICA HAIR STUDIO. Phone: 954-457-6665

    Customer happy:Debora Pedroso


  • Super Blond at Monica Hair Studio


    March 2015 – Blond color done by Monica at MONICA HAIR STUDIO. Phone: 954-457-6665

    Model:Julia Grachova
    Photos: Frank Gibson Julia_Grachova


  • Ombre Hair Color ( $25.oo off )


    Introducing Ombre!


    Ombre is a beautiful and exotic hair color sported by plenty of A-listcelebrities, such as Chanel Iman, Jennifer Hudson, Naomi Campbell, Raven Simone.

    The Ombre hair style is characterized with dark hair originating from the roots, with the shade getting progressively lighter by the tips.

    Ombre color done by Monica at MONICA HAIR STUDIO, March 2015. Phone: 954-457-6665

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    We are glad to invite you to our monthly BOTOX PARTY!
    Saturday March 14, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
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  • What causes dandruff? How can I treat dandruff?

    The exact cause of dandruff, also known as scurf or Pityriasis simplex capillitii is unknown. However, most experts do agree that it is not caused by poor hygiene. In this MNT article, we look at the possible causes as well as potential treatment options. So, what are the factors that may contribute to dandruff?

    Not enough hair brushing

    People who do not comb or brush their hair regularly have a slightly higher risk of having dandruff – this is because they are not aiding the shedding of skin that combing or brushing provides.


    People who are sensitive to yeast have a slightly higher risk of having dandruff, so it is logical to assume that yeast may play a part. Yeast-sensitive people who get dandruff often find that it gets better during the warmer months and worse during the winter. UVA light from the sun counteracts the yeast. Some say, that during winter the skin is drier because of cold air and overheated rooms (exposure to extreme temperatures), making dandruff more likely. So, it is sometimes not that easy to know whether it is yeast or just dry skin.

    Dry skin

    People with dry skin tend to get dandruff more often. Winter cold air, combined with overheated rooms is a common cause of itchy, flaking skin. People with dandruff caused by dry skin tend to have small flakes of dandruff; the flakes are not oily.

    People with dry skin tend to get dandruff more often. Winter cold air, combined with overheated rooms is a common cause of itchy, flaking skin.

    Seborrheic dermatitis (irritated, oily skin)

    People with seborrheic dermatitis are very prone to dandruff. Seborrheic dermatitis affects many areas of the skin, including the backs of the ears, the breastbone, eyebrows, and the sides of the nose, not just the scalp. The patient will have red, greasy skin covered with flaky white or yellow scales.

    Not enough shampooing

    Some people say that if you don’t shampoo enough there can be a buildup of oil and dead skin cells, causing dandruff. However, many experts doubt this is true.

  • Nourish and restore your hair

    When your hair loses moisture, it can become brittle, dull and lifeless. To hydrate and revive your dry hair, follow these five simple tips.

    In the summer months, hair can get dehydrated by the sun, chlorine and salt water. In the wintertime, things aren’t much better, as the cold, dry temperatures and wind can zap the life out of your locks. To keep your hair healthy, lustrous and hydrated all year round, you need to treat it with some tender loving care.

    Deep condition once a week

    If you have dry hair, you can hydrate it by using a deep conditioning treatment once a week. Deep conditioners are normally left on your hair for 15-30 minutes to penetrate the hair strands and follicles. You can find a variety of deep conditioning treatments at your local drug store. Look for products that contain protein, olive oil and other moisturizing ingredients.

    We recommend Kanechom ($11.99 – 14.99)

    Image result for kanechom


    Use a moisturizing shampoo

    Some shampoos can strip your hair of its natural oils and moisture. To rejuvenate and hydrate your hair, be sure to use a shampoo that is specifically designed for dry hair. Look for shampoos labeled “moisturizing” or “replenishing,” and check the label. Avoid products containing high levels of alcohol, which will dry out your hair even further. Moisturizing shampoos contain oils and other ingredients that will help trap the moisture inside the hair shaft when you wash your hair.

    Dry your hair naturally

    Woman washing hair

    Blowdryers, flat irons and other heated hair tools cause hair to dry out, become brittle and break. If possible, avoid blow drying your hair altogether. If you don’t have time to dry your hair naturally, towel dry your hair halfway by blotting out the moisture, then finish drying it with a blow dryer. Never rub your hair vigorously with a towel. This can cause damage to your hair, particularly if it’s already dehydrated.


    Brush your hair

    Brushing your hair thoroughly twice a day will distribute the oils from the scalp down the hair shaft. Select a soft bristle brush and don’t pull or tug. Brush your dry hair gently in long, downward strokes. Brushing will stimulate the scalp, increasing the natural oils for extra shine while also helping to remove dirt and damaging particles from the hair. Avoid brushing wet hair. Instead use a wide tooth comb to detangle hair when wet.

    We like Diva Glide Detangling Brush ($9.99)

    Image result for diva glide brush

    Eat a balanced diet

    A healthy diet isn’t just good for your body, it also has an effect on your hair. Eat a balanced diet featuring plenty of green, leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean protein and good fats. Protein-rich foods, as well as those containing vitamin A, B, C, E and K are especially good for your hair. Additionally, look for foods that are high in silica, such as potatoes (including the skin), asparagus, cucumbers and bell peppers. Silica is a mineral that is essential for strong, healthy, shiny hair. If you experience hair loss or brittle hair due to thyroid or hormonal issues, consult your doctor but also eat foods that are rich in vitamin A and iodine. Furthermore, if your hair is dehydrated and brittle, you probably lack essential fatty acids (EFAs). Foods that are rich in EFAs include fresh tuna, salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel. Flaxseed, olives, avocados and some nuts are also high in essential fatty acids.

    Source: http://www.sheknows.com
  • We are glad to invite you to our monthly BOTOX PARTY!


    When? Saturday February 28, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

    Where will the party take place?
    323 SE 1st Ave
    Hallandale, FL 33009

    (Price per unit $10.00)

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    Dr. Kenia Rivas

    Dr Kenia Rivas is a well known specialist with plenty years of experience working with this wonderful treatment.
    She will be with us at Monica Hair Studio providing information and giving a FREE consultation.


    1 – How does Botox in aesthetic treatments?

    Dynamic wrinkles of the face , that is, those more show to perform certain gestures like frowning, laugh or raise eyebrows , due to the pull of the muscles beneath them. Botulinum toxin, when injected into these muscles , overrides the electrical impulse reaches them. The muscles relax and was first observed an attenuation of wrinkles, in the following days , virtually disappear. The skin appears smoother and more relaxed face , helping to give a more youthful appearance. It is best that the precise effect of botulinum toxin, causes the expression of the face is not , nor alter the way .

    2 – The result is immediate ?

    As noted, the result appears gradually as the days go by . Thus, relative to the patient one will notice that the treatment has been performed .

    3 – What kind of wrinkles can be treated with Botox ?

    Wrinkles of the forehead and eyebrows are discussed.

    4 – How long does the treatment effect ?

    The full effect of botulinum toxin type A for cosmetic use is achieved between 4 and 8 days after application. Sometimes it can take longer . The duration of this effect varies between three and four months. You can apply another treatment when the first effects disappear. These successive treatments are usually more durable than the first. Although each case is different, in some patients the effect can reach six months .

    5 – The treatment is reversible?

    The product blocks the muscle over which is applied for a certain time . After a few months , the treated muscle regains mobility and therefore wrinkles caused by its motion be presented again.

    6 – Treatment is always done in one session ?

    If performed in a single session .

    7 – How long I can treat with Botox ?

    Numerous medical studies as the treatment may be repeated every 4, 5 or 6 months without problems .

    8 – Is the treatment painful ?

    It’s not . By applying a very small amount of product with a very fine needle , as you may notice the patient will be a slight sting .

    9 – How long does it take to apply the treatment ?

    Approximately 20 minutes.

    10 – The rest is needed after treatment ?

    Not required . You can return to your normal life upon being applied treatment.

    11 – What precautions should be observed after treatment ?

    Not many : Do not rub the face wash , not lie or rub your eyes or forehead so that the product does not move . These precautions should be observed during the first 4 hours.

    12 – Should I prepare before treatment ?

    There are no restrictions as to what you can eat before or after treatment. Do not take drugs that affect coagulation ( aspirin) prior to treatment.

    13 – Which professional do I apply ?

    The Dr. Kenya Rivas will be in charge of the application.

  • Curly Hair Tips to Help You Love Your Texture

    curly haircut

    Curly hair tips

    If you have wavy or curly hair, you know that achieving your best texture isn’t wash-and-go. Ringlets require careful styling that straight haired people just don’t understand.
    To make the most of your curly hair, try these tips we’ve picked up for you.

    • 1. Dry curly hair by pressing gently with a microfiber towel. Rubbing hair can rough up the cuticle and cause hair to frizz.
      Image result for scissors
    • 2. Curly hair seems to grow slower than straight hair because its length is all coiled up. But that doesn’t mean you should skip trims; see your hairstylist for split end maintenance every two months.Product Details
    • 3. The one thing all curly and wavy hair needs is moisture. Use shampoo and condition hydrating products, salt and sulfate free and use a moisturizing mask on your hair once a week. We like Kanechom Aloe Vera ($14.99)

    Product Details

    • 4. Curly hair tends to get tangled easily. To avoid stubborn knots and tangles we recommend Diva Glide detangling brush ($9.99). Start with at the ends working upwards
    • 5. Avoid products with sulfates, alcohol and salt, which can dry out and damage curls.