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Renewal Treatments

Keratherapy Brazilian Keratin Renewal Systems defrizz, strengthen, deliver shine and leave all hair types more manageable and healthy looking. Each Renewal Formula is backed by scientific research and is infused with natural extracts and essential vitamins, minerals and oils.

As the popularity of Keratin Straightening Treatments continues to grow, cautions about their ingredients are being raised. Whether you are a client, stylists or salon owner, knowing what is in your keratin treatment and any possible risks is very important. With safety regulations being set throughout the world about legal limits for formaldehyde content in keratin treatments, companies have found ways to hide behind the truth of their ingredients. This is seen through not disclosing ingredient information, making false claims about ingredients and renaming harmful ingredients.

Why be cautious about formaldehyde? Formaldehyde is toxic. This chemical can cause immediate, short-term irritation of the eyes, skin and upper respiratory tract. Long-term risks of exposure are links to nasal cancer and leukemia. The International Agency for Research on Cancer states formaldehyde as a known human carcinogen.

The difference between keratin treatments and relaxers are based on ingredients and the results. A keratin treatment is designed to smooth the cuticle and temporarily rearrange the bonds to soften curls and waves while removing frizz. Keratin helps to repair and strengthen the hair strands. A relaxer is designed to permanently straighten the hair by breaking the bonds. Relaxers contain harsh chemicals that damage and weaken the hair after just one use.