• Great hair for men


    Having great hair is more than the cut and hairstyle. After a visiting a barber or stylist, it’s up to you to care for and style hair. What that entails depends on your hair type because fine and thick, straight and curly hair have different needs. By grooming according to the specific needs of your hair type, you will make the most of your cut and style.

    Here’s how to look like you left the barbershop every day.

    Hair type is based on several things. The most obvious is it straight, wavy, or curly? Next, is it thick or fine? Thick hair can refer to having a high volume of hair on the head and/or a larger circumference of each hair strand. Fine hair has a smaller circumference while thin hair means having fewer hairs per scalp area. It is possible to have a thick head of fine hair or thin thick hair. When you have combination hair, care for it according to the dominating feature. In the cases above that would be fine and thin hair.

    There’s one easy tip that works for all hair types. While shampoo companies tell you to wash hair every day, hair professionals will tell you otherwise. Ever notice that second day hair looks better than the day before? That’s because scalp oils have a chance to moisturize hair and add texture that makes hair easier to style. Try skipping the shampoo every other day and then see if you can go even longer. For most guys, this simple change will improve the appearance of hair and its health too.

    Thick Hair

    Thick hair refers to having a lot of hair and/or individual strands that are wider than other hair types. While having thick hair is enviable, the volume and coarser texture can also be a challenge. Make the most of your thick hair with these easy tips.


    • Condition – Too many guys shampoo every day and skip the conditioner. Instead, condition every day and shampoo only as often as necessary for softer, more manageable hair.
    • Go very short or longer – For thick hair, short cuts can cause hair to stick up. The solution is to go even shorter or grow it out. Longer hair has more weight to help it lie flat and area for styling product to work with.
    • Product – Styling products benefit all hair types but arguably do the most for thick hair. Look for strong hold waxes or pomades to control hair and sculpt it into any style you want from slick to spikes.

    Fine and Thin Hair

    Fine hair strands are smaller in circumference than other hair types. Fine hair can be thick, with a full head of fine strands. Sometimes thin hair (not to be confused with thinning hair), with lower density per square inch, is referred to as fine hair but it is the thickness of the individual strands, not to the quantity of hair, that makes hair fine. While fine hair differs from thin hair, the goal of styling and products is the same – to add volume and boost thickness. Here’s how:


    • Thickening Products – Give hair a good foundation by starting with a thickening shampoo (not everyday) and conditioner. Some products made for fine or thin hair also plump up hair strands while providing hold.
    • Natural Oils – One of the best things you can do for hair is cut down on shampooing, which removes the oils your scalp produces to keep skin and hair moisturized. A cheap and easy way to make fine hair thicker is make the most of sebum production by skipping shampoo (but not conditioner) as often as works for you and distributing natural oils by combing hair or massaging the scalp. Don’t be afraid of the hair that comes with brushing or combing. An average of 50-100 hairs are shed a day so these aren’t being ripped from the scalp but lost naturally while more are growing in.
    • Hair Dryer – The best way to achieve more volume in hair is using a blow dryer. There is no excuse not to for men because it only takes a few minutes. Work a volumizing mousse into damp hair and the result will be hair with maximum thickness and control.  Finish hair with a blast of cold air to set hairstyles all day.
    • Hair Products – Stay away from heavy or oil-based products that weigh hair down. Blow drying and mousse will be enough hold for many of the best hairstyles for fine hair. If you need more, look for a lightweight wax or pomade.
    • Hairstyles – Just like with clothes, not every hair trend is going to work for you. Pick and choose from popular hairstyles looking for ones that add volume, texture, or both.

    Wavy and Curly Hair

    The label curly hair refers to any hair that isn’t straight. There is a wide range of curls from looser wavy hair to tight kinky hair. Despite this diversity, there are general rules that apply to keeping waves and curls healthy and looking it’s best.

    While you frequently see celebrities with curls rocking hair that has been straightened (we’re looking at you Justin Timberlake), many men like Adrian Grenier, Seth Rogen, and James Franco embrace their waves and curls and we encourage you to do the same.


    • No-Poo – The most common problem for all types of curly hair is moisture. Oils from the scalp do not travel from root to tip for curly hair, resulting in dry hair. The first step is eliminating shampoo or switching to a curl-friendly formula.
    • Conditioning – Curls require additional moisture to look their best. In addition to using a curl-specific conditioner, some curly men benefit from a monthly deep conditioning treatment with a commercial product or natural oil like coconut.
    • Haircuts – Curly hair has fewer styling options than straight. The key to getting the style you want is all in the haircut. To get variety, mix up the cuts.
    • Drying Hair – One of the keys to how hair will look is what happens after the shower. Rubbing hair with a regular towel can cause hair damage and frizz. Instead, gently squeeze hair dry with paper towels, on old t-shirt, or microfiber towel. Then work product through hair with fingers and let it dry without touching hair at all. If you blow dry hair, use the diffuser attachment that comes with the dryer, which disperses the air flow to reduce frizz.
    • Product – Curly hair looks best with a leave-in conditioner or curl enhancing cream that defines curls and minimizes frizz. Apply product to damp hair. Wet hair dilutes the product and reduces effectiveness while dry hair won’t distribute product evenly and can look clumpy, sticky, or greasy.






  • Como cuidar nuestro cabello en invierno

    arot keratin products

    arot keratin products

    El cambio de clima puede afectar nuestro pelo: un día húmedo no es igual que uno soleado, y ni hablar si hay demasiado viento o si aparece la lluvia. Cada clima actúa sobre nuestro pelo de forma diferente y hay que conocer cómo maniobrarlo para que estos cambios no nos arruinen el look. Te pasamos unos consejos para lucir un pelo fabuloso, a prueba de todo tipo de clima:

    1.Usa los diferentes productos.Un producto hidratante y uno contra la humedad, tambien un shampoo que te ayude a mantener el color después de una tintura. Los distintos productos llevan nombres diferentes porque sus ingredientes y resultados son muy diferentes también. Es importante que a la hora de elegir un producto para el pelo lo hagas según la necesidad que puedas detectar en tu cabellera. Podés preguntar a nuestros estilistas que te recomienden un producto especial para tu tipo de cabello.

    2. Acomodá tu rutina: los cambios de estación y los distintos climas hacen que tu pelo requiera de cuidados diferentes. El invierno, no importa que tipo de pelo tengas, siempre significa un cuero cabelludo más seco, razón por la cual es necesario hacer algún tratamiento hidratante más seguido que lo común.

    3. Dale pelea al frizz: la diferencia de humedad en los ambientes puede hacer que aparezca el temido frizz. Para evitarlo, no te olvides de secar tu pelo, con toalla en un principio, y después con secador. Y usá alguna crema para peinar antes de hacerlo, para proteger tu pelo del calor.

    4. No te pongas en contra de la naturaleza: el primer paso para tener un pelo espectacular es… ¡aceptar el pelo que tenés! Ya sea que tengas unos súper rulos, ondas, un pelo grueso al mejor estilo melena, o un lacio con poco volumen, es importante que aceptes y conozcas tu pelo. Cada una tiene el pelo que le tocó, y tiene que encontrar la rutina y productos que funcionan para ella. Y por sobre todas las cosas, es importante aceptar que ningún pelo es perfecto, y que todas podemos tener un mal día, ¡y no torturarnos por ello!


  • 5 Healthy Hair Tips for Fall

    5 Healthy Hair Tips for Fall


    As our Fall season begins to pick up, many of our clients are asking how they can get their hair back in shape after a summer filled with sun, salt, and chlorine. Fall is a great time to revitalize your hair and regain those luscious locks!

    Here are five natural tips to get you started:

    Benefits of Fall Foods
    Fall foods, including two all-time favorites, pumpkins and cranberries, are an excellent place to start. The seeds from these colorful foods yield a pressed oil that is highly antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, providing protection to follicles against damaging free-radicals. These oils, as well as that from another fall-harvest favorite, red grapes, are beginning to appear in more and more hair care products. The virtues of the grape extend beyond wine, as the oil extracted from its seed has been shown to have powerful antioxidant properties as well.

    Top it off – with Water, That Is!
    We encourage our clients to stay hydrated, especially at this time of year when schedules get busier and it becomes easy to forget healthy habits. Because it is cooler outside, we tend not to notice the constant evaporation occurring from our skin (including the scalp). Staying hydrated is one of the single-most important things you can do to keep your hair healthy, strong, and shiny! And, if you don’t like to drink a lot of water, we suggest green tea or herbal teas to keep yourself properly hydrated.

    Shampoo Less Often
    Over-washing strips the hair of its natural oils, which moisturize the scalp and help protect the hair. If you blow-dry daily, make sure you keep the heat setting on ‘low’ and the nozzle at least 6 to 8 inches from your scalp, as high heat can damage the hair and follicles.

    Quality Counts
    We want you to use the best quality hair products available. Products made with the highest quality ingredients help maintain the scalp’s pH balance and improve sebum production, which will also make the transition to washing your hair less often easier. Shampoos and conditioners that are rich in natural, botanical extracts help repair and rejuvenate the follicles, such as rosemary, nettles, and chamomile.

    Take a Daily Hair-Healthy Supplement
    In addition to a well-balanced diet, a daily hair-healthy supplement is a great addition to consider. The best supplements are formulated to help repair and revitalize hair follicles, stimulate strong, healthy new hair growth, all the while working together to help keep your hair healthy and luscious year-round.

    Monica Hair Studio is a hair salon and spa located in Hallandale Beach, Florida and within easy driving distance from Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Ft. Lauderdale, Aventura, Sunny Isles, and Miami, Florida.